Militia in Nevada 4

4. Connections Between Groups.  Violence.  Recruitment and Promotion

Connections Between Groups. Violence.

The groups we have mentioned are interconnected. To an extent, identifying individuals with specific group names may be misleading since individuals may be involved with more than one group.  Here is what we know about connections between different militia and right-wing groups in Nevada.

Jeromy Rose, one of the leading promoters of militia activity is from Michigan.  His alternate Facebook pages, Jeromy Peters and Johnny Aloha, included accelerationist photos (Boogaloo Boy photos) such as one in which he is shooting a gun out of an igloo (igloos are symbols of the boogaloo movement).

Rose’s Facebook posts frequently refer to possible future violence.  One of the photos below goes so far as to refer to the idea of blowing up power stations.

Rocky Pastorino keeps Facebook visitors apprised of upcoming militia events. He also often mentions possible armed conflict in the future.

A.C. Lytle of Arizona spends time in Arizona and Nevada, supporting III% militia and training medics for them.  She also has photos alluding to boogaloo on her Facebook page. In addition, she is connected to militia in Nevada including Jeromy Rose.


Idaho militia have expressed support for Nevada militia.

Various Nevada political figures are associated with militia. Here, Assemblyman Jim Wheeler takes a photo with armed Jared Raman at the Reopen Nevada rally in Carson City on April 18, 2020.

District Three Congressional candidate, Dan Rodimer, led the march to the Governor’s mansion in Carson City on May 2.  His primary opponent, Mindy Robinson, was present at that rally as well and appears in this photo taking a selfie with Jared Raman and another armed man.

Assemblyman Wheeler was the opening speaker at the April 18, 2020, event:  see video.

Below, Rodimer appears on Proud Boy, Tony Alt’s, Facebook page.

The various Reopen Nevada groups are connected to militia as our introductory remarks show with Light Foot militia member, Jeromy Rose, organizing a caravan from Las Vegas to Carson City for a reopen rally.  In addition, the Trump Trains, Drag the Interstate and the Nevada Trump campaign are at the very least supported by militia.  Here is a photo of Corey Lequieu at the October 31, 2020, Trump rally in Carson City.


Previously, members of the groups discussed above were active on Facebook. Gradually, as they were outed by AntiFashReno or by other local antifascist researchers, they began to leave Facebook—and now, probably due to Facebook finally prohibiting them, few remain on Facebook.  Sometimes, they are forced off Facebook but return under a different name.  Those who remain on Facebook seem to do so in order to recruit for their group and promote their events. Without some mainstream social media presence, recruitment would be difficult.

Those who currently remain on mainstream social media and recruit for events include Rocky Pastorino (Facebooking as Rocco Pastorino now), Corey Lequieu (Twitter), Rhiannon Hornbarger (Instagram) and Mike Garcia (internet).  Here’s Pastorino recruiting in September, 2020.

Here’s Lequieu recruiting for militia at the October 31, 2020, Trump event in Carson City.

Here is Rhiannon Horbarger recruiting on Facebook in January of 2020.

Here is Mike Garcia recruiting for the West Coast Patriots on My Militia on October 25, 2020.

A recent development in recruitment in Nevada is the recruitment through the internet by secure text used by People’s Rights as outlined in IREHR’s report. The report says Nevada militia are involved in that organization. Some Fernley Militia members and some people involved with Reopen Nevada Sisolak! Rights before Covid19 are involved with People’s Rights the report says.

Among current Facebook sites for reopen groups include: Reopen Nevada Sisolak!! Rights before Covid19!!, Nevadans Citizens for Liberty & Prosperity and NV Grassroots Patriots (flag parades).

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