Militia in Nevada

Militia in Nevada
A Report by Antifash Reno
October 30, 2020

Antifash Reno is a group of antifascist researchers who follow right-wing, white nationalist, militia, fascist and similar activity and publish it for public use and benefit.  In this report, we detail our main findings over the last eight months regarding militia in Reno and surrounding areas.

If you can add to this report, please contact us and we will include any information we can verify.

1. Reopen Nevada Events
2. Black Lives Matter Events
3. Organizations
4. Connections, Violence, Recruitment
5. Conclusion


Who are the militia in Nevada and how significant is their threat? What do we actually know about them and how they organize? This report is a contribution to answering these questions.  It lists some of the important militia groups in Nevada and who some of their members are.  The groups we discuss are Light Foot Militia in northern and southern Nevada, Three Percent militia in Reno, Winnemucca, Fernley and Las Vegas, Northern Nevada Militia in Gardnerville and Carson City and West Coast Patriot Militia in Fernley and Carson City and a few smaller groups.

In addition, this report shows that different militia groups around the state work together, that they organize through their social media accounts and the accounts of their supporters and promoters, that they encourage action by delineating imaginary threats and by discussing the imminence of violence.

Nevada militia groups are joining together into one overarching statewide group.  “What I’ve been doing is trying to get all the Nevada folks from various groups into the Union of Three Percenter American Patriots and that will essentially be a group of groups to coordinate and better allow Patriots to get into a local group that best suits them,” says Mastodon on the Nevada page of My Militia.

Recently, IREHR (Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights) reported the existence of a 20,000 member national group of militia, anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers and others called People’s Rights. According to the report, the group was formed by Ammon Bundy and its Nevada leaders are Joshua Martinez (state leader), Aaron Rasavage (Douglas County area leader) and Jill Lamping (southernmost Nevada leader).  Is the unified group discussed above the People’s Rights group?  Or is it a separate group?  These are questions for future research.

What is the relation of Nevada’s militia to other groups?  We will show militia involvement with the Reopen Nevada movement and with Proud Boys and accelerationists (Boogaloo Boys) and support by militia for the Trump campaign.

Nevada militia have organized events with other groups for a number of months.  In the screenshots below dated April 27, 2020, Natalie Thomas of Las Vegas promotes, on the KEEP NEVADA OPEN Facebook page, a caravan from Las Vegas to Carson City, the state capitol, relaying information from Jeromy Rose (Nevada Light Foot Militia), also of Las Vegas, detailing the time, place, need for ham radios and FRS channels, that is, walkie-talkie systems and information from Pauli Jones of Sparks, Nevada, regarding available motels, prices and discounts.  If they were that well-organized in April, how much better their organization likely is today, six months later.

Thomas, who has Facebook and Twitter accounts, frequently promotes Reopen and Proud Boy events. Rose, previously from Michigan, is a Nevada Light Foot Militia member. Jones, who has a Facebook page, is another event promoter.  We will discuss these and other people involved in militia and militia-related activity in Nevada below after first outlining militia activity at recent events.

1. Reopen Nevada Events