Black Lives Matter Militia Proud Boys Reopen Nevada

Report on Militia in Nevada

In time for the 2020 elections, we have summarized our main findings over the last eight months regarding militia in Reno and surrounding areas.
Here is our report:  Militia in Nevada.


8 replies on “Report on Militia in Nevada”

Excellent report. You provide a great deal of fresh information and analysis about what’s clearly a serious threat in Nevada. Keep up the hard work.

You guys are really bad at this. A ton of your info is wrong and/or misleading. Anyway, have fun posting useless pics.

Wishing you the best,
Mike Garcia (you know, the guy in the picture that you think is in Fernley.)

Adam You know the sometimes called Executive Commander, sometimes west Coast Patriots sometimes battle born Patriotssays:

Yall are so incredibly off with your so called INTEL lol. 1. We include more races and backgrounds and sexual orientations than BLM does yet we are labeled as racists CTFU
2. Your INTEL couldnt be any further from the truth
3. You dont even know who belongs to what which is SUPER AWESOME
4. We offer protection to anyone who needs it, and that has zero to do with color or political affiliation! We believe in EVERYONE’S RIGHTS not just conservatives or white ya tards

Way to push false information and yet you probably wonder why people dont trust media sources. You push true agendas of division and hatred not us. You guys are the ones intimidating people at polls and simply based on who they vote for, not us.

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