Meet Anthony Mastrostefano, Leader of Las Vegas Proud Boys

Image Credit: Heresy Labs


Meet Anthony Mastrostefano, Fourth Degree Proud Boy and Leader of the Las Vegas Proud Boys. The Proud Boys are a violent, neo-fascist street-fighting organization.  To achieve fourth degree, members are required to participate in political violence.

Nevada Proud Boys claim they are not a racist group.  The photo above shows these claims to be false.  In it, Mastrostefano poses himself with a gun in front of a Confederate flag.

Proud Boys are a significant threat in Nevada.  They have a statewide presence.  They are armed.  They are connected to Nevada’s statewide militia groups.  They are active participants in and organizers of events.  For these reasons, we think it is important to know their leaders and members.

In chats leaked in 2019 and published by independent investigative group, Unicorn Riot, Mastrostefano declared himself ready not just to hurt but to “eradicate” leftists.  He also participated in a Proud Boy and “Trump Unity Bridge” flag pole and pepper spray attack on people in New Orleans in October 2018 as revealed by Heresy Labs.  His participation in violence–along with his leadership role–is reason for profiling him in some detail.

In this report, we will clarify Mastrostefano’s identity, show his involvement in recent and past events and his connections to other right-wing Nevada organizations.  Sources for our report come from our own research and that of others who have exposed or discussed Mastrostefano in the past, especially Unicorn Riot and Heresy Labs.

“Tony Alt” is a Screen Name for Anthony Mastrostefano

Recently, Mastrostefano has appeared as “Tony Alt.”  Here is his recent Facebook page.  (The person in the back is failed congressional candidate, Dan Rodimer.)  The photo shows that “Tony Alt” is, in fact, the Anthony Mastrostefano who is pictured in our introduction.

Here is another photo of Mastrostefano from a Heresy Labs Facebook post on him.  The photo shows two things, his Fourth Degree Proud Boy rank and the fact that Mastrostefano is the person called “Tony Alt” since the photo on the Tony Alt Facebook page is the same photo of Anthony Mastrostefano featured by Heresy Labs.

Image Credit: Heresy Labs

Here are two more photos of Anthony Mastrostefano from the Heresy Labs posts.  One shows his Proud Boys tatoo.  The other shows him in the desert with his gun.

Image Credit: Heresy Labs
Image Credit: Heresy Labs

Here is a video of Mastrostefano at the November 6, 2020, so-called “Stop the Steal” protest that took place near where votes were being counted in Las Vegas.  This video has been shown by numerous outlets and has been seen around the world.  This particular one has over 4,000 views.

Here is Mastrostefano with Natalie Thomas and Ian Hendrick at a protest against the “cancellation” of 2020 Veterans Day.  When we posted this photo, we referred to him as Tony Alt.  “Alt” is the Anthony Mastrostefano identified by Heresy Labs.

Image Credit: David Orlov Photo

Here is a screenshot showing the tip Heresy Labs utilized to identify Mastrostefano.

Here are more photos and a link to the video showing Mastrostefano at the New Orleans flagpole and pepper spraying attack.

Image Credit: Heresy Labs

Event Involvement

As shown by the leaked chats discussed by Unicorn Riot, Mastrostefano was involved in Proud Boy national discussions of how to commit violence in Providence, Rhode Island, on April 6, 2019, but give the appearance of self-defense rather than preplanned violence.  In the chats, Mastrostefano said:  “All I want to do is smash commies too.  Actually I’m lying I’m way past just hitting them.  When the time comes I will stop at nothing to fully eradicate them all!”  The event, dubbed “Resist Marxism,” was organized by national Proud Boy leader, Alan Swinney.

Click here to read the Unicorn Riot story from which this quotation comes (a story about a string of violent events in the northeast planned by the Proud Boys in 2019).

Here is a message showing that Mastrostefano was one of the organizers of the April 18, 2020, Reopen Nevada event in the capitol, Carson City.

Here’s Mastrostefano (“Tony Alt”) helping organize participation in the counter-protest to the May 2020 Black Lives Matter George Floyd protest in Reno. The post shows his connections both in southern and northern Nevada.


Anthony Mastrostefano is a key figure on the Nevada right-wing scene.  He is a Fourth Degree Proud Boy with connections to national Proud Boy leadership and to right-wing figures in southern and northern Nevada.  He has attended and help plan violent events in New Orleans and in the northeast and has organized reopen Nevada events and Black Lives Matter counter protests in Reno.