Militia in Nevada 3

3. Militia Organizations in Nevada

Here is what we know about significant militia groups in Nevada.  Among the main Nevada militia groups are the III% militia, the Legion Militia, Light Foot Militia, West Coast Patriot Militia, Constitutional Militia and Northern Nevada Militia.

The Commander of the Nevada Light Foot Militia is Jason Peters of Spring Creek (Elko area).

A significant southern Nevada Light Foot Militia member is Jeromy Rose (Las Vegas).

Rocky Pastorino, III%er of Reno, is a prominent militia organizer.

There are a large number of militia in the Elko and Winnemucca areas including Peters, mentioned above (Spring Creek/Elko), Gabe Mercado, Josh Schmitt and Rhiannon Hornbarger.  There is also a women’s auxilliary group. Here is III% Militia members Gabe Mercado (Winnemucca) (note the Battle Born Nevada symbol with Boogaloo and Igloo background).

Another is Josh Schmitt (Winnemucca).

Rhiannon Hornbarger (III% Militia, Winnemucca) is another.

Here is the women’s auxilliary group, the Northern Nevada Light Foot Patriots Liberty Belles including Lisa Peters (Spring Creek, Elko area).

Here is a group photo of the militia just described:

The Three Percent Militia in Reno/Sparks and surrounding areas include Rocky Pastorino, Henry Balsz, Jeremy Pereira, Mike Garcia. Karl Espinosa and Anthony Amity.

Henry Balsz is another III%er in Reno.

Jeremy Pereira is a III%er in Silver Springs.  He likes to show that he is anti-Muslim and pro-Confederacy.

Mike Garcia is a III%er in Fernley.  He also identifies with the Oath Keepers and the West Coast Patriots.

Karl Espinosa, of northern Nevada, joined the local III%ers recently.

Anthony Amity is another northern Nevada III%er.

Three Percent militia in Las Vegas include Alexander Cisneros, Doug Larson, Danny George,

Doug Larson is another 3%er in Las Vegas.

There also are Lightfoot Militia members in Reno such as Danny George (officer, 31st Battalion, 36th Field Force).  In the second photo below, George offers that his group will take over the job of the police in Reno if he does not think they are doing it well.

Northern Nevada Militia includes Corey Lequieu (Carson City), Matthew Crittendon and Frederick Rofer (Gardnerville).  Lequieu, as is widely known, participated in the armed standoff at Malheur Wildlife Refuge and went to prison for two and a half years as a result.

Two officers of the Northern Nevada Militia are Matthew Crittendon and Frederick Rofer.

Adam Moore (Carson City) sometimes is described as the Executive Commander of Nevada’s Constitutional Militia, sometimes as a West Coast Patriot and sometimes as a Battle Born Patriot.  Here, in a CapRadio photo, he speaks at a rally in Carson City, October 24, 2020.

He and Rocky Pastorino of Reno are Facebook friends.

Some people who promote reopen, Proud Boy, Drag the Interstate and related events include Natalie Thomas (Las Vegas) and Pauli Jones (Sparks, Nevada) mentioned previously (see Introduction).

Another event promoter for Proud Boys and others is III%er Erin A. Gooch ( Las Vegas).  The background of the first photo below includes Alexander Cisneros and Doug Larson.  (The second photo was discovered by @WeWillBeRuthless.)


There is a significant presence of Proud Boys in Reno. This flyer, identifying some of them, has floated around the internet for a few years.

The Proud Boys in Las Vegas are an active group. Members include Tony Alt, Jorge Martinez, Andrew White, Steve Haas and Ian Hickman (exposed by We Will Be Ruthless), Vinny Maurice and Cabal McFie (photographed and named by Benjamin Hager for the Review Journal).

Tony Alt is most present on social media promoting them.  He currently Facebooks as TonyAlt Trump.  Here is his old FB account with his photo and one of candidate, Dan Rodimer, in the background.Another Las Vegas Proud Boy (exposed by @WeWillBeRuthless) is Jorge Martinez.

Andrew White was exposed by We Will Be Ruthless:

Steve Haas is another Las Vegas Proud boy exposed by We Will Be Ruthless:

Ian Hickman, exposed by We Will Be Ruthless, is another Las Vegas Proud Boy:

Vinny Maurice and Cabal McFie of Las Vegas were photographed and named by Benjamin Hager for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

This photo, from May 2, 2020, shows northern and southern Nevada Proud boys as well as an accelerationist (Boogaloo Boy).  In the photo are, first row, Tony Alt, Las Vegas (first from left), Ian Hendrick (second from left) and Joshua Froschauer, Reno (third from left); second row, Jorge Martinez (second from left), Ulster Cyco, Reno (first from right), Vinny Maurice, Las Vegas (second from right).

Antifascist research group, Biggest Little City Antifascists, did a complete rundown on one of the Reno Proud Boys, Joshua Froschauer:  “Meet Joshua Frank Froschauer.”

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