Militia in Nevada 1

1. Reopen Nevada Events

The April 27, 2020, Facebook post pictured in the previous section preceded the May 2 Reopen Nevada event in Carson City. That event brought together Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, armed Militia members and others. Among the Proud Boys present were Las Vegas Proud Boys Cabal McFee, Ian Hickman and Tony Alt. In this photo, Proud Boys (including Ian Hickman, center with sunglasses) and Boogaloo Boys are in front of the Governor’s Mansion with a sign reading “F**K SISOLAK.”

Some vehicles left out the side exit from the mansion during the rally (This is Reno) leading to speculation that the governor may have been in one of them.

Numerous armed militia were present at the same event. In the photo below, they stand in front of the legislative building with a sign that says, “SAY WHEN,” a statement indicating that they are ready to fight.

We can identify some of the men in the photo: back row, third from left (unarmed), Corey Lequieu, sixth from left, Josh Schmitt (III% Legion Militia from Winnemucca), eighth from left, Jeromy Rose (Light Foot Militia, Las Vegas) and his sons, Kane, 13th from left, and James Jacob Rose, kneeling far right (Las Vegas). In the front row, first from left, Gabe Mercado, kneeling (III% Legion Militia from Winnemucca and Battle Mountain). The photo has appeared on many pages, for example, FB pages of Jeromy Rose and Natalie Thomas and on Rhiannon Hornbarger’s Twitter feed (Hornbarger is a III% militia member from Winnemucca.)

Here’s another photo of Josh Schmitt and one of the others seen above at the same event.

Here’s a photo of one of the Boogaloo Boys who was there.

Here are some Las Vegas Proud Boys at the event, holding the sign mentioned above which reads, in full, “TRUST TRUMP / F**K SISOLAK.” The two Proud Boys on the left are Ian Hickman and Cabal McFie. (Hickman was first identified by RUTHLESS WE) (This is Reno photo).

III% Militia member, Karl Espinosa of northern Nevada, also was present as he recounts on his Facebook page.

Here is Jared Raman of Sparks, Nevada (first from left).

The May 2 reopen event was preceded by a Las Vegas reopen rally on April 18. Organizers of that rally are listed by Erin A. Gooch as Proud Boys Tony Alt (whose current FB page is TonyAlt Trump), Vinny Alt Maurice, Cabal McFie, Ian Hickman, Natalie Thomas, Jorge Martinez, Steve Haase, Timothy Lynn and Andrew White. Boogaloo Boys are present at the event as well as Proud Boys.

Some of the Proud Boys were photographed and identified by Benajmin Hager of the Las Vegas Review Journal at another event in Las Vegas.

The Reopen Nevada events, then, were at least in part organized by militia and Proud Boys and their promoters. In addition, Fight for Nevada and Operation Nevada advertised and organized the events.  Interestingly, the Operation Nevada Facebook page disappeared after the May 2, 2020, event stating opposition to violence. “I do not condone violence.  This website and others are going to be listed for sale.  Someone else can take over,” the site stated before it disappeared.

Apparently, not all anti-maskers approve of the presence of armed paramilitary militia at their events.

2.  Black Lives Matter events
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