6. Future Developments

To think about how the Stop the Steal movement will develop and transform in the future, it is important to consider the different groups involved.

Local-Level Nevada Leaders

In the post-Trump era, we can expect some shifting–both of issue focus and of social media location. For example, Matt Anthony, a moderator for Keep Nevada Open, states in a recent post that the group’s new focus will be Nevada, for example, 2022 state elections. In addition, Anthony has created a new site on MeWe, “Pissed Off Americans.”  Anthony has a close relationship with the Las Vegas Proud Boys.

We can also expect to see right-wing, white nationalist and/or neofascist candidates running for public office.  As mentioned above, Monica Jaye has announced that she intends to run against Mark Amodei in 2022.  In addition, Las Vegas Proud Boy Girl, Natalie Thomas, is considering a run for office.

Members of Battle Born Patriots were central to the success of Stop the Steal rallies in Carson. Battle Born Patriots has a newly upgraded website, <takingnevadaback.com> and there is a website for a related and connected group called Nevada Patriot <nevadapatriot.net>.  Nevada Patriot is meeting regularly in locations only disclosed to members. We imagine the shift to announcing right-wing meeting locations only to members will increase in popularity as many groups become increasingly sophisticated and find new ways to promote meetings that are intended to be difficult for outsiders to monitor, for example, by announcing meetings on the web or on mainstream social media but disclosing details such as location only to those who are accepted as members.

In addition, both Nevada Patriot and Battle Born Patriot are monitoring public hearings in Reno and Carson City and organizing members–through private email lists–to respond to issues raised at them.  Given the success their members had in organizing Stop the Steal events, we can imagine their organizational skills will be successfully utilized to garner large turnout at public hearings as well.

The results of their organizational efforts are already evident. For example, This is Reno reports that there was a large amount of right-wing testimony at the recent school board meeting. “Both [public comment sessions] were filled largely by people critical of things like the district’s recent anti-racist resolution and LGBTQ-inclusive sex education.  Many commenters came wearing American flag garb.  Many refused to wear properly their masks.”  There is every reason to think such organized activity will continue in full force in the future.

National-Level Nevada Leaders

Of the three national-level Nevada leaders of the Stop the Steal, Courtney Holland is the most identified with Nevada politics.  Coudrey and Barth are more broadly focussed.  Whether the latter two will be involved specifically in Nevada remains to be seen but is unlikely.

Courtney Holland, on the other hand, has been heavily involved in the Nevada Republican Party, specifically, in efforts to turn the party to the right, as we have seen.  There is no reason to think such efforts on her part will cease.  In fact, she already has indicated her concern about the strong organizational skills shown by the new, progressive leadership of the Nevada’s Democratic Party and has called on people to run for a variety of political offices to overcome that threat.

Nevada Republican Party

As indicated above, we believe Republicans will encourage people to run for political offices of all kinds.  Given the far-right tendencies of many in the party, including those in prominent leadership positions, we can expect that many of those encouraged to run will be far-right candidates.

In addition, the newly formed Nevada Legislative Freedom Caucus, which is dedicated to the “values of constitutional conservatism” according to its right-wing chair, Jim Wheeler (R-Minden), will be the legislative voice of the right-wing that organized the Stop the Steal movement in Nevada.

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