5. Nevadans Present at January 6, 2021, Save Our Country Events in Washington, D.C.

At this point, we can identify ten individuals who attended the Stop the Steal “Save Our Country” events on January 6, 2021.  Some simply attended the rally (run by the right-wing organization, Women for America First), some in addition marched to the Capitol building (as urged by Trump) and some in addition actually entered the Capitol building.

As we have already stated, the three statewide leaders of Nevada’s Stop the Steal movement–Courtney Holland, Megan Barth and Mike Coudrey–all were present at the rally. Coudrey also walked to the Capitol but did not enter the Capitol building. Holland and Barth gave speeches at the rally. In addition, as already stated, right-wing attorney, Joey Gilbert, though basically a local figure, attended and spoke at the rallythough he later made it clear that he did not enter the Capitol building.

A fifth Nevadan present at the rally in D.C. on the 6th was Nevada Assemblywoman Annie Black, Republican from Nye County. According to Black, she marched with the group to the Capitol building but retreated when she saw people encouraging the crowd to storm the security barrier. Democrats asked her to resign from the Assembly but she declined to do so.

A sixth person present was Andrew Alexander of Sparks, Nevada.  He featured himself standing in front of the crowd at the Capitol on his Facebook Page.  We believe he did not enter.

Las Vegas police officer, Christopher Cooney, is the seventh person we can identify. He was present at the Capitol building but likely did not go inside.

Nathaniel J. Derave and Ronald Sandlin are the eighth and ninth we know of.  They have been arrested by the FBI for being in the Capitol building itself.

Failed Nevada Congressional candidate and right-wing media figure, Mindy Robinson, was at the rally.  She is the tenth person we have identified.

6.  Future Developments
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